Sildenafil Citrate dosage and side effects

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Sildenafil Citrate is a drug used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. It is commonly sold under the name Viagra. Sildenafil Citrate helps one get and maintain an erection by increasing the supply of blood into the penis during coitus.

Patients who have been advised by the doctor to avoid sexual activities due to heart disorders are advised to stay away from Sildenafil. If you also suffer from allergies from any of the ingredients used in the drug, it is best to avoid it. Always seek medical advice before using Sildenafil Citrate.

Sildenafil Citrate dosage

The recommended Sildenafil Citrate dosage when it comes to most patients is 50mg. This should be taken between 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual intercourse. The dosage can vary from as little as 25mg to as much as 100mg, based on one’s level of tolerance and effectiveness needs. It is however recommended for one to take it once per day.

Sildenafil side effects

The following are some of the side effects that can be associated with the drug:

· Diarrhea

· Dizziness

· Headaches

· Heart burns

· Stomach upsets

· Flushing

· Blurred vision

Urgent medical attention should be sought if the following severe side effects are experienced:

· Rashes

· Itching

· Breathing difficulties

· Tightness in the chest

· Swellings of the lips, tongue, mouth or face

· Fainting

· Heart beating fast and irregularly

· Loss of memory

· Leg numbness

· Seizures

· Decrease or loss of hearing

· Decrease or loss of vision

· Severe dizziness and headaches

· Ringing noise in the ears

· Weakness in one side of the body

· A painful erection that doesn’t seem to go away

Make sure to only use Sildenafil when prescribed to. Do not share the dosage with other people. You should also seek advice on how to properly dispose of if unused. It is rare for one to suffer a very serious allergic reaction to the drug. But if you do, make sure you get urgent medical attention.

Some of the important safety points to remember when using Sildenafil Citrate are:

· The side effects will be made worse if the drug is taken with alcohol or together with certain types of drugs such as protease inhibitors.

· Hot weather, fever or even exercises may worsen some side effects such as fainting and dizziness. It is advisable that you sit or lie down when you first experience them.

· Patients who suffer from various heart disorders are at a greater risk of suffering from strokes and heart attacks should they take Sildenafil citrate. Symptoms associated with a heart attack include jaw, chest, shoulder or neck pains; numbness in the arms and legs, nausea, dizziness and fainting. Symptoms of a stroke include one-sided weakness and numbness, speech problems, blurred vision and confusion. Seek immediate medical attention should you experience these.

Contact your doctor immediately should your erection last for more than 4 hours and is painful.

· Sildenafil doesn’t prevent pregnancy. It also doesn’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

· The elderly should use Sildenafil with extra caution for they are highly sensitive to it. Children are not recommended to use it.